Playroom Design Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Published on 04/07/2022

Do you have a spare room in your house that you might rent out? Make it into the perfect children’s space! Whether your kids enjoy dressing up, playing with toys, or doing crafts, there are a plethora of playroom design ideas to try!

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Playroom Design Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Paint with Bright Colors

When it comes to creating a creative place that kids will like, color is crucial. For an eye-catching accent wall, use their favorite colors, an undersea theme, or a hand-drawn pattern. Neutral hues are also a good option for people who want to decorate a modern playroom but aren’t ready to go all out with striking colors. For that “wow” element, simply add some flair with a colorful rug or pillows.

Install Easy-to-Clean Flooring

Wood or linoleum floors are a good choice for playrooms because they are stain resistant. If you’re looking for playroom flooring that won’t break the bank or require much renovation, try foam flooring. It’s simple to clean and a delightful way to add color and comfort to a space.

Decorate with Wall Decals

As children grow older and discover new things, their interests, activities, and styles tend to shift. Stick-on wall decals are the ideal playroom décor option for parents who want to create a fun environment without committing to a specific wall color or theme. Temporary wallpaper comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and it may provide a splash of color to your child’s play area.

Create a Chalkboard Wall

With a playroom chalkboard wall, you won’t have to worry about your kids coloring on the wall! This quick and enjoyable DIY decor concept is loved by both kids and parents since it lets them to freely adorn the walls while giving parents piece of mind knowing that cleanup is simple and not permanent. This is a lovely way to let your child design their toy area, whether you use chalkboard paint or peel-and-stick chalkboards.

Add Toy Cubbies

Incorporate a toy cubby into a new playroom’s vertical wall space! This is one of the greatest playroom storage ideas because it allows your children to display their favorite toys while also allowing them to readily reach books, games, and play sets without having to search through boxes in a closet.

Incorporate Cute Storage Bins

Decorating ideas for children’s rooms don’t have to be complicated. You can obtain both attractive designs and playroom storage with cute wicker baskets or printed totes. If labeling isn’t your thing, color-coordinate the toy storage bins to make sure your kids can find what they’re looking for!

Build Decorative Shelves

Floating shelves, free-standing shelves, and bookcases are all excellent playroom decoration ideas. Use them to store toys and books, or dress them up with attractive decorations like a framed portrait, wooden trinkets, or a vase of imitation flowers.

Set Up Cabinets

Even the worst of messes may be hidden with this playroom furniture concept. You’ll have a place for stuff that don’t fit in storage bins while maintaining a clean and secure environment. Organize board games, cards, construction paper, and any other craft supplies in the playroom with cabinets.

Include Tables for Crafts

Tables are a must-have for any playroom, whether you have a huge or little spare space. They can be used for crafts, building racetracks, and putting puzzles together. Not to mention, having a playroom table is convenient for enjoying an afternoon snack and Juicebox!

Add Comfy Seating

Whatever play room design you choose, having comfortable and easy-to-lounge seating is crucial. Combine a range of entertaining things like floor cushions, a couch, and huge plush animals, or keep it basic with a few small bean bag chairs and a fur rug.

Integrate Furniture with Storage

When it comes to choosing furniture for a child’s playroom, functionality and enjoyment are essential. Ottomans with storage, hollowed-out benches, and benches with enough space underneath for baskets provide plenty of seating while also helping to organize the playroom.

Create a “Nap Time” Space

A children’s playroom can be used for more than just playing games and pretending to be astronauts. Creating a distinct nap space in a playroom helps your child to recharge and get back to enjoying their day! Simply tuck a little daybed or huge pillow in a corner with some blankets for a pleasant place.

Display Kids Artwork

Putting your child’s art work on the wall is a great playroom wall decor idea as well as a great way to show off their creations. All you’ll need are a couple frames to hold the images in place and some hooks or nails to hang them. Hang a wire clothes line or wooden hangers on thumbtacks to showcase new pictures more frequently for a more budget-friendly option!