Modern Décor Can Be Cozy Too – Here’s How

Published on 01/12/2021
Modern Décor Can Be Cozy Too - Here's How

Modern Décor Can Be Cozy Too – Here’s How

For those who adore modern home decor, it can be a challenge at times to make a room warm and cozy while maintaining the aesthetic. There is a rather large misconception that modern homes cannot be inviting or comforting – they’re known to be cold. Of course, this is untrue. You can make modern decor cozy! You might be wondering how to do so, and that’s what we will talk about today. Here are some great ways to make modern decor feel warmer and more inviting without compromising the design:

Layer Textures

After you’ve already established the base of a room, that’s when you want to start thinking about the cozy aspect. To do so, focus on layering different design elements together, mainly textures. Use pieces made of different fabrics. This will create an interesting design that will be comfortable as well. Think of using faux furs, velvet, knitted items, and so forth. They will create contrast and make the room feel more inviting. One thing to keep in mind when picking textured items is that they should all have something in common to tie them all together. This way, when combining them in the room, things won’t look cluttered or messy.

Use Accessories

To truly make a room feel warm rather than just look it, it’s best to use accessories like area rugs, throw pillows, blankets, candles, and more. Add items like mirrors, picture frames, and coffee table books to make the space feel more personalized as well. Things like throw pillows, throw blankets, and rugs work especially well making a room feel cozier. On top of that, adding accessories will add variety to the room’s design while keeping it balanced and clean. Just be careful not to make the room feel cluttered by adding too many accessories. Get them gradually rather than all at once so you can gauge the look of the room as you go along rather than being stuck with too many items.

Color Makes All The Difference

Creating a clean, modern space that is also welcoming and warm is a bit of an oxymoron. All the same, it can be done. One way to reach this goal is by using the right colors to achieve the look you’re looking for. Adding a pop of color to the room that ties in with elements is a fantastic way to add warmth to it. Don’t be afraid to use a darker color than you normally would, either. For instance, in a living room that uses neutral tones of gray and brown, you can add in a pop of color by incorporating a bright-colored chair. Aside from creating interest in the room, it will make the design a little more fun. If you want a more luxurious design, opt for a dark shade, like a deep blue or even black.

Make It Comfortable

Aside from cozy accessories, the way to make a room truly welcoming is by adding a comfortable piece of furniture, one that begs you to sink into it. Even a beanbag can do the trick. Maybe a velvet chair that’s soft or even a couch that’s soft and comfy. It’s up to you!