These Cities Have The Best Quality Of Life

Published on 05/25/2021

For the 21st time, consulting giant Mercer has published an annual study on quality of life. More than 231 cities around the world were analyzed. Here is a list of the cities with the highest quality of life and therefore the best cities to live in.

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These Cities Have The Best Quality Of Life

Basel, Switzerland

When you are in Basel, you have to visit the city’s landmark: the town hall with its red sandstone facade. Anyone who lives here can also enjoy a lot of other culture, thanks to the countless museums and galleries. Perhaps the people of Basel prefer to frolic in the old town or in the city’s parks – 300 days of sunshine a year entice them to go outside. Basel is in the middle of the border triangle in Switzerland next to Germany and France. Exactly the right place if you want to discover a lot.

Geneva, Switzerland

Chocolates and watches: this is Geneva. World-famous chocolatiers from Läderach, Sprüngli and Auer pamper the palate (but not always the wallet). The city’s rich watchmaking tradition (Rolex was founded here) charms those who can afford the exhibits with their displays. Less luxurious and damn tasty: the Geneva fondue with morels or mushrooms as an extra!

Vancouver, Canada

The tenth place goes to the most liveable city overseas, namely Vancouver. The people in the seaport only have an average of 15.3 vacation days a year (lowest value among the top ten), but the people there are still very satisfied: with 95.5 points, the city ranks fifth in the satisfaction score.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin ranks sixth among the most liveable cities in terms of work-life balance. Germany’s capital scores among other things with a particularly late start to work: According to Kisi, employees there have to line up in the office or at work on average at 9:53 a.m. Only in Washington D.C., Hong Kong and Houston do people start working later. The unemployment rate is comparatively high at 6.1 percent (34th place). But Berlin offers a high recreational value (82.9 points, 8th place).

Frankfurt, Germany

As the seat of the European Central Bank and with the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Frankfurt is one of the most important financial centers worldwide. In addition, numerous companies from the automotive and IT industries settle here. The unemployment rate in the Main metropolis is generally low – also a factor in terms of quality of life. After work, people from Frankfurt can stroll through the new eye-catcher: the beautiful new old town stretches between the Romans and the cathedral.

Vienna, Austria

For the tenth time in a row, Vienna is ranked as the city with the highest quality of life in the world. In an interview with Mercer, the mayor of Austria’s largest city reveals: “Our motto is to take care of everyone who needs our help.”, Michael Häupl, Mayor of Vienna. Maybe that’s the secret of the undisputed high quality of life in Vienna. No, seriously: It’s the Wiener Schnitzel, of course.