Deco Tips For Small Spaces

Published on 10/10/2021

The bedroom is where we come to rest and relax. Fortunately, this works even in the smallest of spaces. With a little creative know-how and decorative skills, even a small bedroom can be made very comfortable. Speaking of decoration: our living experts will tell you how you can furnish your small bedroom – skillfully and decoratively at the same time. Let the tips and styling ideas inspire you!

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Deco Tips For Small Spaces

Enough Storage Space

We will show you that a small bedroom can be a real space saver. Because, thanks to practical furniture, the space can be used quite practically. If the floor space is limited, you can opt for a bed with bed boxes, for example. This offers plenty of space for bed linen, towels or the like. For a little more storage space in the bedroom, you can also arrange a chest of drawers opposite the bed. Socks, underwear, and cosmetics feel right at home here.


Small rooms can quickly appear cramped. Time to come up with creative solutions for more space. We recommend hanging up mirrors in the bedroom to visually enlarge the room. However, be careful where you place them in the bedroom. We have the best tips for mirrors in the bedroom!


In order for the small room to appear friendly and bright, the right lighting is crucial. Above all, rely on natural daylight and do not place the bed in front of the window. Indirect light in the form of fairy lights lifts the mood and makes the bedroom more cozy. Small islands of light such as table or wall lights and fairy lights suggest a homely ambiance.


The right color makes small rooms appear larger and friendlier. Light colors such as pastel blue, green or pink as well as beige and cream tones and of course white and gray are suitable to make the small bedroom harmonious. In addition, these tones are said to have a calming effect. Such nuances are twice as worthwhile for the small bedroom. Darker colors, on the other hand, are quickly overwhelming.

The Right Bed

The bed is without a question the focal point of the bedroom. Therefore, we should give a lot of thought to the selection. In order not to waste valuable space, a bed measuring 1.40 x 2.00 m is usually sufficient for couples. Models without a frame also save a few centimeters in space. If you need extra storage space in your small bedroom, it is best to look for a bed with plenty of storage space. Small storage areas and drawers under the bed are real miracle cures for annoying space problems in the small bedroom.

Wardrobe Systems Create Order

Do you have a longer wall available? Wonderful, then you could, for example, integrate a wardrobe system into the room planning. An open storage system could be covered with a nice curtain, or you could opt for a wardrobe with sliding doors. Make sure, however, that the closet in the bedroom does not have any reflective surfaces; according to Feng Shui, this should not be good for the quality of your sleep!