Happy Colors – With These 5 Colors, Your Apartment Will Always Put You In Good Mood

Published on 12/19/2022

You probably already know that colors can influence the mood and at the same time are a reflection of your personality. But which ones actually stand for a good mood and happiness and how do you get that transported into your home? We searched and found the five best mood enhancers for you:

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Happy Colors – With These 5 Colors, Your Apartment Will Always Put You In Good Mood


Yellow not only reflects the color of the sun, but actually releases serotonin in us, a messenger substance that is largely responsible for our well-being. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for accessories in rather strong nuances or whether you like it light and light – yellow makes you happy and at the same time boosts your creativity. The color works best in your bathroom or bedroom. Because with so much positive energy, getting up is much easier. Tip: So that it doesn’t get too garish, you can combine your yellow accessories very well with light gray tone


Green calms and brings happiness into your life. Green decorative objects imitate the colors of nature and help you to concentrate and relax. Bolder shades of green have a more invigorating effect and can give you new energy. Tip: combine your shades of green with floral patterns. In this way, the connection between your home and nature outside your window becomes even more intense.


Blue is a calm, clear color that, even in more intense shades has a positive effect on the body and mind. At the same time, blue symbolizes loyalty and trust. People whose favorite color is blue are seen as more trustworthy than others. Blue accessories in your home will help you concentrate and focus. Blue decorative elements can work wonders, especially around your desk. Even small rooms look great with blue furniture and accessories. Tip: So that it doesn’t get too cold, we recommend blue tones with warm background colors such as gray or brown.