How To Decorate Your New Apartment Step By Step

Published on 03/15/2021

New rooms, new furniture, a completely new home with a new look for living, feeling good, and designing. But because so many new things can quickly become overwhelming, we have put together ideas for furnishing your apartment and lots of tips and tricks so that you are satisfied with the end result for a long time.

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How To Decorate Your New Apartment Step By Step

Looking For Inspiration

Before you get down to business and design the apartment as you wish, it is advisable to get an overview of various furnishing styles and the latest interior design trends. From all the inspirations, you can then pick the furnishing idea that best suits your personal taste. Tip: Collect all the best ideas on a mood board!

Room Planning

Then you inspect the apartment again carefully: What is the layout like? What function should the rooms fulfill? How many sockets are available, and where are the connections?

Finding Your Own Style

Aside from the spatial conditions, it is important to define your own style: What do I like? What do I particularly value? Based on these questions, you can come up with a concept and then start furnishing the apartment.

Keep The Overall Impression In Mind

It is important to always keep in mind that the interplay of colors, furniture and decoration should be coordinated so that the overall impression is consistent.

Designing An Apartment: Good Lighting

Lights are often turned on at the back when furnishing the apartment – a big mistake. Because the right light can make the room look much cozier. When it comes to lighting – especially in living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms – avoid hard contrasts. Soft, indirect lighting creates a cozy atmosphere. Lights made of paper or cardboard create a relaxed and homely atmosphere. They are original, modern, and good for the environment because the thin material is recyclable.

The Right Wall Color

Do you prefer to use light, pastel wall colors or a strong dark blue, dark gray, or even black? Basically: With light colors, small rooms can be optically enlarged, while strong walls set exciting accents and create a cozy atmosphere. Color psychology can also be a guide: blue and green have a harmonious and calming effect, pastel tones exude freshness, orange and red set signals.

Make The Dining Area The Center

The dining area should be cozy, but also multifunctional. With the right tricks, it can become the sociable focal point in the house. Anyone who wants a modern dining room relies on puristically designed furniture. A large dining table, for example, made of dark wood, in combination with a simple ceiling lamp and functional chairs or benches offers everything you need for a stylish dinner.

Consciously bring about style inconsistencies

Romantic patterns, neutral colors, traditional furniture are classics of home furnishings and as such are not particularly original. It becomes more elegant, more luxurious, and more exciting when different styles are skillfully combined with one another. The break of colors, shapes, or patterns enlivens the apartment and gives it an artistic touch.