5 Tips For A Great Ambiance At Your First Date

Published on 03/05/2023

“Where should I meet for the first date?” There are many possibilities: café, restaurant, bar or rather the cinema? Choosing where to go can be very difficult, especially when asking your friends for advice. One prefers the café because you can talk quietly there. The other feels more comfortable in the cinema because you can talk directly about the film afterwards. But where do you go to make the date go well? What speaks for a place and what speaks against it? Here are the pros and cons of each place

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5 Tips For A Great Ambiance At Your First Date

Cozy And Relaxed – The Date In The Café

Not only women find it very pleasant to get to know each other in a café over a cappuccino or a hot chocolate. In a relaxed atmosphere, the date can become a success. Because if both feel comfortable, the first step towards getting to know each other has already been taken. Do you have a specific café in mind that you particularly like? Then propose it for the first date. This is how you take the initiative. Your counterpart will definitely appreciate that. In a café with a beautiful view, you can get to know your counterpart in a relaxed manner and, during breaks, let your gaze wander over the surroundings without being unpleasantly noticeable.

Classic And Timeless – The Date In The Restaurant

Candlelight, a good meal and a glass of wine: The date in the restaurant is the classic way to get to know each other, and not only in Hollywood films. As the saying goes: “Love goes through the stomach.” Whether it’s Italian or Chinese: good food puts you in a good mood and is the best prerequisite for a successful date. If you still need tips for ordering: Ask your date beforehand whether he or she is vegetarian or has allergies. Reserve a table just in case the place is full. If the waiter wants to take the order, don’t order the cheapest wine. It should be of good quality.

Relaxed And Informal – The Date In The Bar

If you want a date in a relaxed atmosphere, going to a bar is a good option. One advantage is the proximity you have to your date partner. Touching (whether unconsciously or consciously induced) brings you both closer, which can be an advantage for getting to know each other quickly. Unlike in a restaurant or café, the initial stage fright goes away after the first cocktail at the latest. However, the volume level in the bar shouldn’t be so high that you can have a good conversation.

Dark And Intimate – The Date In The Cinema

A cozy evening for two at the cinema? Not everyone thinks that’s appropriate because you can’t really get to know each other there. Therefore, it is often recommended not to meet until the second date in the cinema. The darkness and the physical closeness that you have there create an intimate situation right from the start. For those who can handle it, that’s fine. A first meeting in the cinema does not necessarily have to be bad for getting to know each other. In the two hours that you sit next to each other during the film, you can get used to the situation. Thus, the stress level can decrease. It also has a big advantage: After the film, you have a topic to talk about over a drink at the bar.

Go For A Walk In The Great Outdoors – The Date In The Park

Do you and your date have hobbies in common, such as cycling or walking? Then a date in the park is perfect. During a walk in the park or in the zoo, you can talk and get to know each other in peace. Afterwards you can always go to a café if you want.