Tips For A More Comfy Bedroom

Published on 10/28/2021

Since we spend an average of a third of our lives sleeping, a cozy environment should not be underestimated. Because only if the bedroom exudes calm visually can we find relaxation here after a stressful day at work. It’s no secret that you sleep best in a tidy room where the bed is made and aired regularly. However, we will tell you today how to bring order to your bedroom and why the right green space can also contribute to well-being. From scented candles to pillows, from storage tips to the right wall color – with these simple furnishing tricks you can turn the bedroom into the ultimate haven of peace and create the basis for sweet dreams. Here are 5 tips for a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

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Tips For A More Comfy Bedroom


Since the bedroom should not be too cluttered, decorative objects must always be selected carefully. Comfortable pillows, a patterned bedspread or dimmable bedside lamps provide on the one hand the optical trick and on the other hand support the feel-good atmosphere. While otherwise decoration should be largely avoided, the wall behind the bed can be designed a little more creatively, as it is not in the field of vision when falling asleep anyway. From the wallpaper with ornaments to the picture collage to birds made of porcelain, everything is allowed here, whatever you like!


Because the bedroom is the most private room in the whole apartment, guests are rarely allowed in here – but that doesn’t mean that you can save yourself tidying up. In order to sleep better, the wardrobe should be cleared out twice a year and everything in it should have its permanent place. While there may be a glass of water on the bedside table or evening reading, there should be space in the drawers for nasal spray, reading glasses or headphones – so that everything is always within reach.


While you are welcome to experiment in the living area, calm tones should be played in the bedroom. Blue has been shown to have a positive effect on the sleeping environment and powder tones such as mint or pink also have a calming charisma. If you like to go for classics, you definitely can’t go wrong with white furnishings – which provide that certain freshness kick from the bed linen to the curtains to the wall and can also be combined with shades of gray or beige for more variety.


Flowers create a fresh overall look, but not all plants are suitable for the bedroom. Plants in particular that smell too strongly, for example, can cause headaches or nausea and lead to insomnia. On the other hand, flowers with large leaves, provide a better indoor climate, as they also humidify the air.


If you have little space in your bedroom, you should consider a bed with a storage box. For example, a second bed set can be easily accommodated here, which would otherwise only be in the way everywhere. As an extension to the wardrobe, small, colorful boxes can also be stacked on the floor – so you can stow socks, scarves, or bikinis here and at the same time bring some color into the room.