Here Is How To Create A Warm Atmosphere In Your Bathroom

Published on 06/21/2022

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. A well-planned and beautiful bathroom ensures a good start to the day and a wellness oasis in the evening. Whether it’s a small or modern bathroom, a guest toilet or a family bathroom – we’ve put together 7 important tips for you to make your bathroom a place where you feel good.

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Here Is How To Create A Warm Atmosphere In Your Bathroom

Adequate Lighting

So that you can see everything clearly in the bathroom in the morning and in the evening, you should ensure that there is sufficient lighting. Our tip: Luminaires with a dimming function adapt perfectly to your needs and offer both bright lights for applying make-up and cozy light for a relaxed bath time.

The Right Colors

Light colors, e.g. white or pastels, make a small bathroom appear larger. Bright colors, e.g. green or blue, ensure freshness in the bathroom.

Large Mirror

A mirror makes your bathroom look bigger. However, the mirror should not be much larger than the sink. The ideal mirror height is approx. 90 cm. A mirror cabinet is an advantage in a small bathroom because it offers additional storage space.

Feel-good Accessories

Plants add freshness to the bathroom. Candles ensure comfort and a relaxed atmosphere when bathing. Framed pictures can instantly brighten up a drab, white bathroom wall. But it also applies when furnishing the bathroom: less is more!

Lots Of Storage Space

A modern, quirky design is beautiful, but rarely offers enough storage space for small bathrooms. A classic vanity unit offers plenty of storage space. Does your bathroom lack depth or width? Then build up! A narrow bathroom cabinet or shelves on the wall can help. Our bauSpezi tip: Rely on wall-mounted bathroom cabinets. They offer the advantage that the floor is easier to clean. In addition, the uninterrupted floor space makes the bathroom look larger.


They look natural and beautiful, ensure good air – and have properties that are particularly welcome in the bathroom. Plants contribute to a calm atmosphere, which can lower your blood pressure and therefore increase your overall well-being. After all, it is precisely for these reasons that one surrounds oneself with flowers at personal celebrations, weddings, and funerals. Even impersonal offices are enhanced by potted plants and what applies to the office or the living room can’t be bad for the bathroom, can it? However, avoid plants with spikes and pay attention to how much daylight is available in your bathroom and how much light the plant needs.

Sun Is A Must

The sun is the most natural accessory you could wish for. It also puts you in a good mood and lets you forget stress. Anything you can do to let daylight into the bathroom has a positive effect on your well-being. This is especially true in the morning. Clear away anything that blocks the light coming in through the window(s). If the structural and financial conditions allow, you should definitely think about larger windows or skylights. If you are planning a complete bathroom renovation, you should definitely consider moving the bathroom to a room that gets more natural light. However, anyone who owns an indoor bathroom need not despair: good light cannot completely replace sunlight, but it can at least simulate it very well. Consider using halogen spotlights and modern LED technology.